Thanks to the thousands of Break Free From Plastic members and allies around the globe, the movement is able to work on the various aspects of the plastic pollution problem from different perspectives. As a result, the movement has collectively published countless reports, researches, training, campaigns, and other materials. But to achieve our goal of building a plastic-free future we need the support of journalists, media professionals, and content creators. There is a lot to unpack, and uncover as we continuously strive for systemic changes.

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New Resource for Journalists

The media plays a crucial role in society, especially in battling the spread of misinformation and false claims. This guide shows how you can identify misinformation about plastic pollution, and shares solutions-oriented tips to make your reporting and storytelling on plastic pollution both truthful and impactful.

What’s inside: 

  • What is greenwashing? 
  • How to tell if it’s greenwashing? 
  • Greenwashing: Case studies and examples
  • When working on a story 
  • More solutions-oriented plastic pollution journalism tips 
  • Examples of solutions-oriented plastic pollution journalism 
  • Resources 
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